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Through the history of humanity and in every culture, sex has always been present. Even though it is part of our daily life, it has always been considered a taboo for the most of us. Media, some religions and pornography industry helped to increased the taboo and to give a nasty connotation of it. People nowadays, still ask on the internet how to talk about sex to their partner, children or therapist. Metaphors, generally used to explain complex and abstract ideas were the best way to bypass the direct topic. Therefore I started collecting them for all the different countries in the world. The long list has resulted in many sexual idioms that have a rather unflattering image of sex. It has been seen as an act which damages or exploits the image of a woman. Instead sex should be an intimate experience we can have with an other. Not one against an other. Not to screw, to bang, to fuck, to nail somebody. That’s more taking advantages of somebody. Go to the website www.sexpressions.org

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