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The network is so abstract it isn’t easy to see how much influence it has in our social lives. To really grasp the understanding and the impact of the network in our lives, I envisioned how a day without the network would look like.

Nowadays I think the network has become a necessity, and it has become vital in our daily lives. Like a plant needing water to survive, I used this as a metaphor for the network; nature. The greenhouse is the stage in the movie, I portray and see this as a micro world; a reflection and metaphor of the world we know in our daily lives. A greenhouse is the ideal environment for the growth of a plant. In greenhouses water is transported to the plant; this is equivalent to the way data is transported to the user of the network. But you also have the opposite view, life without network.


Network is like a plant that needs water – growing when you are connecting to it.

What if you are not? Let’s jump between the two worlds.